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The Exilis Elite is an FDA approved, non-surgical device that can help reduce fat in the face, neck or body, tighten the skin and improve the skin quality without downtime. Using radio frequency energy, this device offers twice the power and effectiveness of the original Exilis device that is sometimes used at MediSpa’s or salons. Northwest Laser Institute & MediSpa is the first MediSpa in the State of Idaho to offer patients the Exilis Elite. The energy used during treatment heats the deeper layers of the skin causing fat cells to shrink and die as the skin contracts stimulating new collagen. Exilis Elite can provide a very nice alternative for those not seeking a surgical solution, or as a supplemental treatment following facial surgery.

What is Exilis Elite?

Exilis is an exciting new technology that uses radio frequency (RF) energy for body and face contouring and skin tightening. It is a non-surgical office procedure that reduces fat and firms skin in the face and body. The Exilis Elite delivers twice the energy of the original Exilis device and offers superior results in a shorter amount of time.

How does Exilis Elite work?

During an Exilis Elite treatment, precisely controlled radio frequency energy is used to heat the deeper layers of the skin. This heat causes fat cells to die and contracts the skin tissue, stimulating new collagen production in the process.

Who is a good candidate for Exilis treatment?

Exilis Elite is recommended for any patient between the ages of 25 and 70+ who desires cosmetic improvement, particularly those areas that show the signs of aging, and have not responded to other treatment options. Exilis Elite treatment offers cosmetic improvement without surgery.

What does an Exilis Elite treatment feel like?

As the Exilis Elite device is guided over the area to be treated, you will feel a deep heating sensation. Exilis Elite radio frequency energy is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin. The underside of the applicator provides cooling to the skin’s surface, keeping you more comfortable during the treatment.

How long is an Exilis Elite treatment?

The Exilis Elite platform was designed to deliver energy in a short treatment of under an hour for greater patient convenience and comfort. Generally, a series of 2 treatments for the face and 4 treatments for the body will be required to achieve the desired result. The exact number of treatments will depend on your existing cosmetic concerns and the goals you want to achieve.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime with this procedure. There may be temporary pinkness or redness in the skin for about 20-30 minutes that quickly subsides. Since there is no downtime or special care required once you leave the office, you can carry on with the rest of your day’s activities immediately following treatment.

Is Exilis Elite safe?

Yes, Exilis is an FDA cleared device for skin tightening. There are controls built in to the device to ensure that it does not overheat the skin.

What kind of results can I expect with Exilis Elite?

You may start to see some skin tightening and facial reduction results after just 1 to 2 Exilis Elite treatment sessions. Treatments will be spaced out over 1 to 2 week intervals. The Exilis Elite is a second generation device that delivers twice the power of the regular Elite model sometimes available through salons or MediSpa’s therefore less time is needed to achieve optimal results.

Can I achieve same results with Exilis Elite as with a facelift or neck-lift?

Exilis Elite will not deliver the same results as a surgical facelift or neck-lift. It is a great non-surgical alternative for those who wish to tighten the skin, remove isolates areas of fat from under the chin or areas of the face or as a supplement to surgical procedures.

What areas of the body can be treated with Exilis Elite?

Due to the unique design of Exilis Elite, the neck, face, body, arms and legs, back fat and knees are all treated successfully. Exilis Elite is also successful in vaginal rejuvenation. Tightening and firming of the labia minora and majora, as well as the vaginal wall.

How long do results last?

Exilis Elite is a relatively new device, but current studies show that those who have had treatment over 2 years ago have maintained their results. Typically, once fat cells have been destroyed, they do not come back.

What else should I know about an Exilis Elite treatment?

It is important that you are very well hydrated before, during and after your Exilis Elite treatment to achieve maximum results. It is also recommended that you partake is some sort of light exercise for 30-40 minutes following treatment in order to maximize results if the body is being treated for fat removal.

What areas can be treated?

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